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LeafGuard guttering in St. Cloud:

LeafGuard in St. Cloud

Protect your home all-year round with industry-leading guttering technology from LeafGuard of St. Cloud. Our patented system protects your home from heavy snow, ice and rain across western Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.
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  • No clogging* Say goodbye to clogging caused by leaves and debris thanks to our patented guttering technology.

  • No cleaning With no clogging*, there’s no need for cleaning.

  • No leaking Water flows quickly away from your home.

  • No water damage Your home’s roofing, foundations, wood and brickwork are more secure.

  • No ladder accidents You'll never need to climb a ladder or hire someone to empty your gutter again.

  • Perfect fit Custom fitted to match your home’s shape and style.

  • Pull free Secure fitting and design means our gutters will not come loose from your fascia boards.

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What is LeafGuard?

LeafGuard is a market-leading, unique, customized gutter protection system for your home that carries water away from your property faster, protecting it from the potential for damage. Our patented design keeps your gutters clog-free so you never need to clean them out again*.

We offer a Lifetime No-Clog Warranty. What does this mean? Simple – your gutters are guaranteed not to clog for as long as they’re installed on your home. If they do, we’ll clean them out for free!

No clogging, no leaking and no water damage
– it’s that simple.
With LeafGuard, you don’t have to worry about
Water damage
Ladder accidents
How does our patented guttering work?

LeafGuard gutters are designed to handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour, over three times more than the US Weather Bureau has ever recorded. We offer you a high-quality product that lasts.

Use a seamless, one-piece design with a wraparound hood that closes over the top of the gutter.
Utilize liquid adhesion, a scientific process that draws water around the hood into the gutter.
Prevent leaves, pine needles, insects and other debris from getting in by being almost completely covered.
Are made from aluminum that’s 20% thicker than industry standard.
Feature downspouts 33% larger than average, increasing water flow.
What our customers say
At LeafGuard, we value customer satisfaction above all else. We’re proud to say that 98% of our customers are satisfied with LeafGuard. Before you see the results for yourself, here’s what customers in your area thought of our service:
"It's an improvement to your house and you don't have to climb that ladder to paint and clean out the guards.”"
Beverly V

Milwaukee, WI

"Great product. Prompt response to inquiry and quick turnaround from order to installation."
Jeanne R

Dekalb, IL

"Not only was the salesperson professional, but the installers were also knowledgeable about any concerns or questions I had. They kept everything neat and clean."
Patrica W

aMilwaukee, WI

Why choose LeafGuard gutter protection for your home?

Homes in western Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota are subject to every type of weather throughout the year, which means you need a gutter solution that can take on all comers. Warm summers, vibrant falls and frozen winters each present unique problems for your home to overcome. And it’s your gutters that take on the biggest challenge.

When you choose LeafGuard guttering in St. Cloud, you’ll find a one-piece solution that offers many answers, including:

Patented leak-free design that defends against heavy snow and rain
Seamless one-piece system that deflects foliage and debris to avoid clogging
Channels water away from your home to minimize the risk of ice build-up in winter
Won’t pull away from your home’s fascia, even when faced with heavy snow
Prevents water damage to your home
Quality you can trust

All our products are made in the USA, giving you quality gutters you can trust

We offer a lifetime No-Clog Warranty with all gutters. If it clogs, we’ll clean it out for free

LeafGuard has been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for 18 straight years

LeafGuard is a BBB A+ accredited business, so you know you can trust us and our expertise

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The proof is in the product. Let's see how LeafGuard compares.

Unrivaled protection for your home
Other gutter systems may do a decent job, but only LeafGuard provides the highest levels of protection from the elements. Let’s see how LeafGuard stacks up against the competition.
Keeps out debris Eliminate leaks One-piece design Customized to your home Never have to clean No pull guarantee High water volume capacity
Hoods, Covers and Helmets
Gutter Screens & Mesh Toppers
Open Face Gutters
Years of Experience
Loyal Customers
Over 98%
Satisfied Customers
Your community is our community

When you put your trust in LeafGuard, you get a unique combination of nationwide experience and local knowledge. Our expert installers have been fortifying homes across the US against the weather for more than 25 years, leaving a trail of delighted customers along the way. But it’s our local level of care and attention that we’re particularly proud of.

Our St. Cloud team is made up of local experts who are part of your community, so they care about your home, from McCook and Grand Forks to Carlton and Isanti, and everywhere between. Across Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, you can rest assured that your gutter needs are being met by teams who know the challenges your home faces just as well as you do. Who better to help you tackle them? By only using local installers, you know you can trust the LeafGuard team with your home.

When you choose LeafGuard in St. Cloud, our installation technicians will fully evaluate your home and work with you to find the best solution to protect it against the weather. Give us a call today or visit us in branch to discuss what LeafGuard can do for you.

Visit us at 308 – 60th Street NW Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Call us on (320) 968-3396
Why you need LeafGuard gutters in St. Cloud

It may be one of the most beautiful parts of the United States, but the St. Cloud region also presents your home with a unique challenge. The northern Midwest climate present here means the region enjoys all four distinct seasons – heavy snow in winter, beautiful crisp leaves in fall, cool spring weather and hot sun-kissed summers. But all of this means homeowners across the three states need to ensure their home is prepared to tackle a variety of weather conditions.

That’s where LeafGuard comes in. Our patented design means our gutters can tackle the heavy winter snow just as easily as fall downpours. And with a guarantee your gutters won’t clog, you can rest assured there won’t be any standing water for the bugs to enjoy in summer either.

The greater St. Cloud area is teeming with gorgeous green spaces and winding woodland trails, abundant with native ash and maple trees. And while this beautiful burst of color truly comes alive in fall, it can be problematic for homes. With LeafGuard gutters, however, the seamless one-piece design deflects falling leaves to avoid clogging, efficiently channeling water away from your home to help minimize the potential for damage.

Minnesota and the surrounding areas are also known for frosty winters and powdery snow, which can take grip from November through to April. A clogged gutter can easily fill with water, which can freeze and weigh the gutter down when winter comes, causing cracks and the guttering to pull away from your home. But at LeafGuard, our gutters are clog-free by design, so when those biting temperatures arrive, your gutters will be just as low maintenance as they are the rest of the year. Trust LeafGuard to look after your home, no matter the weather.

What happens next?
How we work

When you choose to protect your home, the last thing you want is to be waiting around for your installation to be completed. At LeafGuard, we promise a fast, easy process designed to have your guttering in place as soon as possible. Here’s how it works:

Step one

When you call or click to register your interest, our friendly operators will be in touch within a few hours to set up a free-of-charge visit from an expert surveyor.

Step two

Our professional, friendly and licensed gutter surveyor will visit your home to talk through your challenges.

Step three

They’ll perform a walkaround to check on the current conditions of your gutters and identify any potential issues.

Step four

They’ll show you how LeafGuard works and take accurate measurements of your home, before giving you a free, no-obligation written estimate – all in one visit.

Step five

Our LeafGuard installation team will take care of everything. Each LeafGuard system is custom-made to match your exact measurements on-site. The team will even disassemble your old gutters and dispose of them responsibly, so you don’t have to worry.

Frequently asked questions
What is the most common problem with gutters?

The most common problem with standard gutters is that they clog. Open face gutters or those using mesh toppers or gutter guards can quickly fill with leaves and other debris. A clogged gutter is not doing its job properly and it can lead to water damage that causes cracks in the foundation of your home. In winter, a frozen gutter can also put extra stress on your exterior, pulling your gutters away from the fascia of your home.

Are gutters necessary in Minnesota?

Gutters are incredibly important for the protection of your home. An efficient guttering system will carry water away from your windows and foundation and prevent leaks or water damage. Areas that get plenty of snow and experience lots of dropping leaves in fall, like in Minnesota and surrounding counties, will benefit from gutters that prevent clogging and snow dams.

How do I stop my gutters from holding water?

Gutters that hold water may be suffering from clogging, improper installation or damage where the water cannot flow away from the house properly. For your safety, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of a trained technician to inspect your guttering and clear it out.

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